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It is unfortunate to say that most glass that is pulled out during repairs and replacements does not get recycled. Due to the tempering and layering of auto glass, it can be tricky to reuse shattered auto glass. On the other hand, with recent advances in technology and a little imagination, companies around the nation are beginning to find uses for these car parts that do not involve a landfill.

One popular use, especially in California, is to use this glass for artwork. Artists around the state have found inspiration in shattered glass to make mosaics and interior decorations. On the more pragmatic side of things, another popular use for recycled auto glass is to make basic household and office items. This includes certain types of tiling, smaller sliding glass doors, windows, office partitions, and even glass bottles for drinks.

With so much time and energy going into creating and installing windshields it can be a shame to see them go to waste once a crack or nick has appeared on them. At PG Los Angeles auto glass, our experienced technicians have a wide range of materials to mend and repair those smaller areas of damage on your vehicle's auto glass. Our fleet of mobile auto glass repair and replacement vehicles is also available 24/7 to provide the services you need, wherever you need it.

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