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The first step of tinting a window involves thoroughly cleaning the glass and ensuring that it is free from all defects. Any minor cracks or nicks could result in a splotchy tint that severely hampers a driver's view. Some tint shops cut their own strips of tinting for every single job while others utilize pre-fabricated strips of tint that have been specifically cut for various makes and models. Currently, the most typical method for tinting involves using a large sheet of tint, applying it to the glass, and then cutting it to the right fit after the application.

In order for the tint to adhere to the glass, a specialized heat gun must be used. This makes for a very close bond and a lasting tint. Other tools include tint squeegees, spray bottles of water, and various types of handcards. Professionals will utilize each of these tools to ensure that no bubbles form, the tint adheres firmly, and that the final result is a perfectly fitting tint.

California laws dictate that the front side windows must always allow 70% of light through. Windshield tints must not go any farther than 4 inches below the top of the glass so as to not obstruct the driver's sight. All drivers should also remember that before applying their tint, you have to make sure they glass is completely intact. If your glass has any nicks or dings, our mobile auto glass repair technicians can quickly remove any defects on the auto glass, allowing for an attractive and well-fitting tint. If your auto glass has any cracks or has been broken, our Los Angeles auto glass replacement technicians can meet you anywhere in the city to replace it for you.

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