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Unlike the novelty glass that was placed in many of the first vehicles, today's windshields are advanced pieces of technology that are a blend of form and function. They are an integral piece of a vehicle's structure and a very important safety component when accidents do occur. All of this begins with a perfect blend of base materials in a traditional flat shape. This material is then cut specifically for the dimensions of the automobile that it is going to be placed in and sent off to the oven.

Balancing the correct temperature to bend glass without it melting or breaking is a very complicated process. Once the exact temperature has been found, the glass is placed inside and bent along rollers. Both the cut of the glass and the angle of the bend must be correct down to hundredths of an inch. Any miscalculation could result in a poor fit and seal to the vehicle. After the dimensions are correct, various layers of lamination and tinting are used to add integrity to the glass as well as a comfortable view.

Here at PG Los Angeles auto glass repair, we understand the complex process that it takes to manufacture and install windshields. That is why we use only the highest quality materials for both replacements and repairs. Our fleet of mobile auto glass repair vehicles can service customers anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area at a great price and with a lifetime guarantee.

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