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Windshields were originally placed on vehicles to make the drive a much more comfortable situation. Instead of forcing drivers and their passengers to wear driving goggles, they could now ride in relative comfort. These windshields quickly evolved into an imperative part of a vehicle that offered many safety and efficiency features.

Due to the nature of this important glass, any major cracks or chips on a windshield are considered illegal in the state of California. According to California Traffic Code, both windshields and rear windows must be free from all defects and completely undamaged.

While this infraction is generally considered a "fix-it" ticket, they can potentially cost drivers hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time. Individuals may only have a few days to fix the damaged glass, setup a meeting time with a local law enforcement agency, have their ticket signed, and then send the information back into the DMV.

In order to bypass this time consuming and aggravating situation, any driver that begins to notice damaged auto glass should immediately contact our Los Angeles auto glass replacement and repair company. With a fleet of mobile auto glass replacement and repair service vehicles that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the auto glass specialists at PG can often make repairs or replacements in as little as an hour. With a lifetime guarantee on almost all parts and services, there is no reason to take any chances with these laws.

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