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The sunny California coast may be great for the beach and other outdoor activities, but it can wreak havoc on the interior of a car. Reports come in every year of car interiors reaching temperatures as high as 125 Fahrenheit during the summer months. This is can be deadly for pets, children, and the elderly. Tinting the windows can reduce the temperature by as much as 60% during those sweltering summer months. It will also block upwards of 99% of the harmful UV rays that can damage skin and lead to a slew of health issues later on in life.

A tint not only protects drivers from the sun during the summer months, it also offers a level of protection on and off the road throughout the year. Tinting can help to reduce the glare from snow, rain, and headlights during night driving. They will also conceal items within a vehicle, increasing privacy and decreasing the likelihood of a crime of opportunity. Here at P&G Mobile Auto Glass repair, safety is our number one concern, and auto glass is one of the most important safety features on a vehicle during a collision. Tinting auto glass can add strength and integrity to windshields and other pieces of glass, ensuring that flying debris does not enter the vehicle and stray pieces of glass are held together.

Drivers that have questions about tinting, replacement pieces, or auto glass repair in Los Angeles, can call or email us today for all of their auto glass needs.

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