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There are currently two types of auto glass that are used in almost all modern vehicles, laminated and tempered.  Tempered glass is used throughout a vehicle, but it is most commonly seen on the side windows.  This type of glass is created by rapidly heating and cooling glass to strengthen it.  Along with the added strength, this material is prone to shattering into small, duller pieces upon impact.

Laminated auto glass is created by sandwiching multiple layers of glass around a laminate.   This type of glass is primarily used on windshields as it adds more integrity to the firewall and roof of a vehicle.  It also makes flying debris less likely to penetrate the glass and harm the passengers.

Auto glass can be further defined according to the type of manufacturer that is creating the material.  OEM glass, often referred to as ‘dealer’ glass, is created by either the same distributor or same manufacturer as the car itself.  This means that it is cut to exact specifications, offering a tighter fit and more reliable protection in the case of an impact.  OEE glass, or original equipment equivalent, is much cheaper to produce but is not held to the same standards as OEM glass during production.

Here at P&G Auto Glass, we offer the absolute best replacement parts for vehicles of all makes and models.  For those smaller cracks or nicks, our experienced service specialists can carry out auto glass repair In Los Angeles and the surrounding area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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