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Mobile auto glass repair companies have two options when it comes to replacing windshields. One of the more popular options is OEE, or original equipment equivalent. Many repair and replacement companies opt for this glass due to the ease of production and cheaper costs. Unfortunately for drivers, these reduced costs directly translate into a second-rate product. As the windshield is one of the most important safety features on a vehicle, it is important to understand that OEE auto glass is not made up to the rigid standards of the original auto manufacturer.

At PG Los Angeles Auto Glass Repair, only original equipment products are used. Most auto manufacturers keep trademarks on every single part of their vehicles, including the windshield. This means that these manufacturing plants alone hold the exact specifications on glass curvature, size, shading, and even density. Without this information, knockoff products are prone to leaks or unnecessary stress fractures. OE glass is built to all federal and commercial safety standards as well as being made to the exact specifications as the original part.

The fleet of service vehicles at PG carries only the highest grade of OE replacement materials. Serving the greater Los Angeles area, PG can repair or replace auto glass in as little as an hour at a driver's home or work with a lifetime guarantee on all replacement parts.

Source: Los Angeles Auto Glass Replacement

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