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Most mobile auto glass replacement is done with one of two types of materials, OEE and OEM. There is a fierce debate between auto glass replacement companies on which type of glass is preferable. The more commonly used material is the OEE, or original equipment equivalent. Many repair companies choose OEE for a handful of reasons including the ease of production and the lower price. For many smaller companies looking to save money on the back end or larger companies needing to cut costs, the choice is OEE glass.

OEE glass is created to federal standards, but not the stricter standards of car manufacturers and dealers. OEE generally does not fit quite as well and is more sensitive to the rigors of driving due to the varying thickness of the glass. For companies that are wishing to provide their customers with the highest grade of materials, only OEM glass is used.

PG auto glass repair in Los Angeles utilizes the highest quality auto glass for all replacements made. We also provide mobile auto glass replacement and repair services to replace or repair your auto glass anywhere in the city and at the time of your convenience.

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