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For those that have grown up in Southern California, everything but the air conditioner in a vehicle may seem like a foreign concept. Frost is the layered condensation on the outside of auto glass and it can be removed in one of three ways. The slowest but easiest method is to simply turn on the defroster within the vehicle. This shoots warm air onto the window which slowly defrosts the outside.

A quicker but riskier method is to splash a cup of cold water over the windshield itself. All drivers should be warned that this process can have bad results if the weather is too cold. Splashing warm water on a frozen windshield may lead to a cracked windshield. In most Southern California climates though, this method works well. Ice scrapers and de-icing sprays are available in most auto supply stores and work rather well for those willing to spend extra money.

With windshields being such an important component of a vehicle, it is necessary to keep them free of scratches, ice, or any other obstructions that could impact a driver's view. When these accidents do happen, PG is only a call away for all auto glass replacement in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our mobile auto glass repair service vans are also available to all drivers.

Source: Los Angeles Auto Glass Replacement

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