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Most auto glass that is manufactured or used within the United States adheres to federal safety standards. This does not mean that all glass is created the same though. Tempered glass is a very common material that is used in the doors of many vehicles. Once glass has been tempered, it can no longer be cut or shaped for fear of cracking it. During the tempering process, glass is quickly heated and then cooled in rapid succession. This makes the material both strong and brittle. In the case of a collision, tempered glass is developed to shatter into tiny, harmless fragments that will not lacerate skin.

Laminated glass is a much more recent development that makes our mobile auto glass replacement possible. Laminated glass begins with two or more sheets of glass that sandwich a very thin layer of lamination. The glass can be cut, pressed together, and then heated in an autoclave and heated to a very high temperature. It is then pressed over rollers to fit the exact dimensions of the vehicle that it is going to be installed in. In the event of an accident or if debris strikes the windshield, the lamination will hold the glass together so that no large pieces will cause injury.

Both of these materials are an important component for our auto glass repair in Los Angeles. These technologies allow for the specialists at PG to carry out quick and affordable repairs and replacements on-site. If cracks or nicks have begun to appear on any piece of glass on your vehicle, call us today for a free estimate.

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