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When most think about glass, they consider it to be brittle, fragile, and dangerously sharp when broken. This makes the concept of glass as a safety feature an odd one. Unlike the glass that is used to make many other everyday items, windshields are made by compressing two fabricated pieces of glass with a laminate in between. This makes the windshield both strong as well as safe to install.

With such a sturdy material, auto glass can take on quite a few roles within the vehicle. The first is going to come down to the overall integrity of a car. The windshield is used to both stabilize and support the roof and firewall while driving. More importantly, the windshield is a safety component for the driver and passengers. It protects passengers from flying debris during accidents or going down the road. Its material is designed to crack without shattering into dangerously sharp pieces. The windshield also works with the dashboard to stabilize and cushion the airbag in the case of deployment.

With just how important this car part is, car owners deserve the leading services for auto glass replacement in Los Angeles. Our fleet of mobile auto glass repair vehicles can make home or office visits and take care of most repairs in as little as an hour. Call today to receive a free estimate and a lifetime guarantee on almost all parts and services.

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