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Side windows must adhere to various safety standards, but they are built slightly different than the windshields themselves. Most door windows and other pieces auto glass are tempered. This means that they are heated and then cooled very quickly. This gives them more integrity as well as a better chance of crumbling into smaller, dull pieces in the case of an accident.

Windshields are made from layering various base materials, including laminates, to offer the best possible safety in the event of debris striking the windshield or during an accident. The curves are generally achieved by heating the glass up to a very specific temperature in an autoclave and then bending them to fit the exact specifications of the vehicle. The durability of these windshields makes it possible for us to carry out replacements and repairs quickly, affordably, and on site.

Countless hours of research have gone into all components of a vehicle, including the various pieces of glass. This is why PG is dedicated to offering the best materials at the lowest cost for all auto glass repair in Los Angeles. Call today for our 24/7 services, free estimate, and lifetime guarantee. We offer services all throughout the Los Angeles county, with the help of our experienced technicians and our mobile auto glass replacement and repair service vans.

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