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Depending on the size and type of the damaged area, many times cracks can be fixed with high quality filler that will return the glass to its original form and function. For smaller nicks, generally the result of a flying pebble or vandalism, glass can be repaired without being replaced if the damaged area is smaller than an inch across. For those that do not have a ruler on them, an easy way to gauge the size is with a quarter or similar coin. If the coin covers up the entire damaged area, our specialists for auto glass repair in Los Angeles may be able to fix it altogether.

The more common damage comes in the form of elongated cracks. Cracks are a much trickier and must be taken care of immediately. Most cracks no more than three inches long can be quickly repaired with a powerful bonding agent. Cracks or any other type of damage that can be felt on both sides of the glass will require that the auto glass is replaced. If left unchecked, this damage can turn into a dangerous safety issue in the event of an accident or if another piece of debris strikes the vehicle.

Our fleet of service vehicles is available 24/7 for all Los Angeles auto glass repair and replacement needs. Most services and labor come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure that windshields and other auto glass are in factory condition and we can get most drivers back on the road within the same day.

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