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While the exact date is unknown, the first auto glass was put on a car around the year 1904.  This is when the first pictures of “folding” windshields can be found.  In the case of bad weather, drivers would tilt the glass upwards to avoid the elements such as rain or wind.  It would take over a decade before the world started to realize just how unsafe this glass was.

Traditional glass was originally used in automobiles and found to be extremely dangerous.  From rocks striking the glass to jostling over a pothole, these windshields were prone to crack and shatter, making for serious safety risks.  With the advent of laminated safety glass, driving became a much safer experience for all.  This glass was much more rigid and would not break into sharp pieces upon impact.

The rest is history so to speak as auto glass slowly evolved over the next 100 years. Today, PG Auto Glass repair in Los Angeles uses some of the most technologically advanced materials for all replacements and repairs that we carry out in Southern California.

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