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The most obvious reason for a windshield to become cracked is through an impact.  If a driver is in the vehicle and on the road when a piece of flying debris strikes their vehicle, the cause for the crack is going to be clear.  Unfortunately, if the damage happens while the car is parked it may be the result of vandalism or the negligent activities of another party.

When a crack appears but there is no sign of impact, the most common culprit is a stress fracture.  While many believe glass to be fragile, windshields are exceedingly durable.  They are built to support the roof, stop powerful impacts, and assist airbags after deployment.  Due to dramatic changes in temperature, moisture, jostling on the road, and the immense pressure that the windshield is under, stress fractures are not uncommon.  All of these factors are also the same reasons that cracks often elongate, eventually spanning the entirety of the windshield.

No matter the reasoning behind the damage, it is important to call PG Auto Glass Repair in Los Angeles right away.  As one of the most powerful safety features on a vehicle, there is no reason to allow windshields to remain damaged, potentially putting the driver and passengers in harm’s way in the event of an accident.

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